Family Vacations at Gulf Shores

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If you have kids and are planning a vacation you are no doubt searching for "Family Vacation Ideas" or "Kid Friendly" housing, entertainment, restaurants and activities. As many parents will tell you, the quality of a family vacation is often determined by the most disgruntled or "bored" member of the family. A good plan of attack is a destination that has activities that appeal to kids of all ages, and a hospitality industry that knows how to do more than just tolerate young guests.

When it comes to family vacations, we think that Gulf Shores or Orange Beach, Alabama is your ideal destination because vacationing here provides the solution to three key dilemmas that you must solve to make your whole family happy:

  1. Finding a great place to stay
  2. Identifying kid-friendly restaurants
  3. Discovering fun activities that will appeal to everyone in your family

When all is said and done, we don't end up taking family beach vacations for the hotel room, or the meals, although those can make a trip memorable. We go on family vacations in search of great quality time with our family. The activities that fill your days will define your trip. Be sure to pick activities your kids like. If your kids are energetic and least happy when they are sitting still, a trip to a museum really isn't going to cut it. But renting a go-kart or Jet Ski will probably be a homerun! If you want to sneak a bit of education into the trip, that's great, but we recommend a walking tour of a wildlife park.

With all this in mind, we are convinced that you can have an exceptional Gulf Shores family vacation. Check out our Gulf Shores rentals and Gulf Shores condos for some ideas on where to stay, or venture a little further up the beach and spend a fun family vacation at one of our Orange Beach rentals.