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The Snowbird Fest is a huge, multi-venue, endlessly entertaining event curated especially for those who love to seek warmer climates when winter rolls into the frosty north. It's coming to beautiful Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, and you better believe that it's going to be bigger and better than ever before!

What Can I Expect?
That's the best part - every year, the offerings are different. You never know what adventures await you every year at Snowbird Fest. But to give you an idea of the kinds of fun that are available, check out what the festival has provided in the past:

  • Live Music Shows - Some of America's top musicians, both from generations past and from the modern era, come to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach to perform for the lively crowds at Snowbird Fest.
  • Health and Fitness Expos - Tips, tricks, and motivation to stay trim and fit for those days you spend wandering the beaches of the Alabama coast.
  • Boating Conventions - Take to the open seas with your new knowledge of equipment, technology, and boating techniques from boating conventions right next to the open sea.
  • Raffles & Giveaways - Save up for next year's Snowbird vacation with cash giveaways, or take souvenirs of your big journey home with you with raffles and giveaway contests.
  • Art Shows - View, contemplate, and buy art from artists in the local area and around the nation. Who know what treasure you'll find!
  • Games - Participate in all kinds of innovative, mind-challenging, and sometimes physical games and sports that will push you toward ultimate victory.
  • Fine Local Cuisine - Sample foods from the Orange Beach and Gulf Shores area prepared by some of the nation's most talented and famous chefs.

Get ready for big surprises, unforgettable fun, and plenty of time in the warm sun and mild breezes of coastal Alabama.

How Do I Attend?
It's easy to get into Snowbird Fest - just follow this 2 step process:

1. Book accommodations for the months in which you'll be staying in the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach area for the winter.

2. Complete a survey once the venue and dates have been decided and you'll gain free admission.

Snowbird Fest is a no-cost event for all snowbirds. Visitors have the option of spending money at their own discretion at different events, games, and food vendors if they choose. However, you don't need to spend anything to enjoy the unrivaled entertainment available thanks to Snowbird Fest sponsors and the thousands and thousands of visitors who attend every year!

Where Do I Get Started?
Book your stay with Brett-Robinson using our search tool, and don't forget to look for special winter deals available exclusively from your friends at Brett-Robinson. Once you've found the perfect place to relax for the winter, find out more about the Snowbird Fest from the official website.

You'll be able to keep up-to-date on newly signed events, date changes, and sponsorship information all from one handy portal. To make sure you can attend the next Snowbird Fest in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, book your stay as soon as possible!