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No matter where you are at any given time in your life, a family gathering is always a breath of fresh air. Is there anything better than catching up with loved ones? And while you?re at it, try doing so in one of the most beautiful places in the whole of America. With its crystal clear waters, white sands, and warm temperatures, the Gulf Shores of Alabama are the perfect location to bring any family together. Pulling up a piece of beach is always an option, but for a truly memorable experience, having the help of others is the way to go.

A great resource to get a feel for the area and what it has to offer as one of the US? premier family reunion destinations is the official city tourism page. The website contains information on attractions, vacation planning, maps, and other resources to help determine what direction you?d like to go in with your family?s reunion. Or as you drive in to stay at one of our Orange Beach condos or Gulf Shores rentals, you can stop by one of their brick and mortar locations – there?s a Welcome Center for each town.

Kathy and her team at Dreamcatchers Event Planning work all over the Gulf Shores area with services that include decorating, beach setup, event flowers and music, catering, and photography.

If you?re hoping for a more ?do it yourself? approach, Cvent, a supplier network, provides statistics and contact information for just about anything you might need in your planning process. The website provides transportation guides, event hall options, restaurants, etc., to help cover all the bases of event planning.

Once you?ve determined your venue and any other family reunion locations, the most essential part of the process is planning for the food. Staycations Catering, located in Orange Beach, Alabama, is owned and operated by Chefs Jenny and Chris Sherrill who have been working in the food service industry for over 10 years. As natives to the area, they have the means and know-how to create tasty Gulf Shores-centric cuisine for you and your loved ones.

Another crucial element of the perfect reunion is the photographs to look back on. The backdrop of the shores speaks for itself, but composing a beautiful beach shot, surrounded by your relatives requires a caring and professional eye. Sun Shots photography, also run by local husband and wife, Maggie and Ryan Caver, specialize in beach family portraiture. Take a look at their Gulf Shores photography here.

Whichever approach you decide to take, the resources that are available for planning and executing a memorable family reunion are endless. Whether you prefer to hand it off to someone entirely via a party planning service or piece together the various elements on your own, you can be sure that those involved are brimming with that traditional southern hospitality and passion to make your family reunion at the beach one for the books.

For additional family reunion at the beach planning suggestions, feel free to contact us while you stay at one of our Gulf Shores condos or Orange Beach rentals! Our staff knows the area intimately and would be glad to help.