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Winter in Alabama's Gulf Shores is for the birds. Snowbirds, to be exact. Every year, more than 10,000 visitors flock in to enjoy the warmer weather and escape the winter snows. Many come between January and March, though you'll find visitors at all times of the year. The Shores offer so much more than a summer beach environment, making them the perfect winter escape.

Gulf Shores Snowbirds Despite the incredible vacationing opportunities, Snowbirds seem to be motivated by much more than the desire to escape. With Snowbirds in town the Gulf's volunteering and fundraising rates increase astronomically. Grant Brown, the recreation and cultural affairs director for the Gulf Shores, described Snowbirds as "almost more like a resident than a visitor. When they are in town, the amount of volunteer efforts that they participate in is truly amazing. They contribute, very unselfishly, their time and money."

Why do Snowbirds contribute so much to this area? Our


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