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Are you coming to the Gulf Shores area for the first time this winter? You're almost guaranteed to have an amazing time spending your winter in beautiful Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama. To do snowbirding right, we have some insider tips to make your winter the best one ever.

Join a State Snowbird Club in the Gulf Shores area
To make yourself feel more at home, there are 10 state snowbird clubs to join in the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach area, which have individual events and band together to fundraise during the Snowbird Pancake Breakfast and other fundraisers. Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, and the Dakotas are the snowbird clubs currently open in the Gulf Shores area. These clubs offer a sense of comradery and fun during the snowbird season.

Go to Locally Sponsored Social Events
Besides the state snowbird clubs in the Gulf Shores area, make new friends with social events sponsored by local organizations. Often, locals and snowbirds will comingle in these events sponsored by tourism promoters who go the extra mile for new snowbirds. You can eat and drink with delight knowing you'll make new acquaintances and have great new stories to tell.

Volunteer in the Local Community
Snowbirds in the Gulf Coast community get involved in volunteering for the Fire Department and Police Department, as well as other great organizations in the area. You can get to know the community where you're snowbirding better and integrate yourself by volunteering for organizations that matter to everyone. Volunteering is a great way to make yourself happy and to make a difference.

Plan Something Special
While it's certainly fun to enjoy your time in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach just lazing about, explore the area. Charter a fishing trip out on the Gulf or take a boat out and see the beauty of nature. The warm weather we have in winter is a blessing, and you'll love all you can accomplish. Take advantage and have once-in-a-lifetime experiences here in Gulf Shores. Brett-Robinson can help you figure out what meaningful experiences you want to have while snowbirding.

Contact Us Today
If you have questions about joining a Gulf Shores snowbird club and becoming a snowbird at Brett-Robinson this year or in the future, we are here to answer your questions. We offer the amenities you want, a centralized location, and outstanding customer service to make you feel like Brett-Robinson is your new home. Contact us today at 1-800-211-7892.

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