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Healthy Restaurants in Gulf Shores

When you’re on vacation, it can be hard to find healthy food to eat. In a seafood paradise like Gulf Shores, you’re surrounded by fresh fish, shellfish, and fried food galore. Recommendations from locals may include many restaurants that aren’t the best for your diet. While a vacation may sometimes be an opportunity to indulge, healthy food is on many visitors’ minds. If you’re just getting tired of fried shrimp, gumbo, and cheesy grits, there are several healthy restaurants in the Gulf Shores area to help you stay on your diet. 

Many of the best restaurants in Gulf Shores, Alabama offer vegan, vegetarian, and other healthy options alongside fresh seafood and fried options. Part of eating healthy while on vacation is knowing which establishments offer health-conscious options and how to choose them from large menus. 

Wholesome Restaurants for Your Palate
If you’re looking for some places with options that will let you leave feeling light and energetic, consider these restaurants:

  • Soul Bowlz — For a bowl of nutrient-filled goodness, try Super Soul Bowlz or smoothies. There are dozens of options to select from with ingredients like acai, hemp granola, bee pollen, and whey protein. You can get all your daily needs in a bowl!
  • Agapé Juices — With the vision that people could heal their bodies themselves, this restaurant serves clean foods avoiding highly processed foods and refined sugars. Discover fresh juices, smoothies, and delicious sandwiches. 
  • Picnic Beach — A fun atmosphere with something for everyone is available just a block from the beach. The menu features vegan-friendly options like acai bowls, protein bowls, salads and cold-press juices along with southern soul-food.

With these delicious restaurants at your fingertips in the Gulf Shores area, you’ll never be without a healthy choice for dining out while on your Brett/Robinson vacation. 

Healthful Options at Traditional Gulf Restaurants
It’s not always possible to get out to a nutrition-oriented restaurant. There are many restaurants in the Gulf Shores area that offer something for everyone—shrimp and grits and fried seafood platters for your family and friends and healthy food for you. Try out some of these options:

  • Gulf Shores Steamer — This restaurant prides itself on not frying any of its food. With many grilled options, fresh fish, and healthful salads, there’s no shortage of ways to stay healthy.
  • DeSoto’s Seafood Kitchen — This Gulf Shores restaurant emphasizes the natural flavor of fresh seafood, with steamed versions that are healthier than your average fare. 
  • The Steamer Baked Oyster Bar— Another restaurant that doesn’t use a fryer, enjoy a healthy but filling meal at this Gulf Shores staple.

You don’t want to miss out on food while vacationing in Gulf Shores. There are so many delicious, healthy options that you can eat without compromising your lifestyle or diet. Book your trip with Brett/Robinson today and discover everything the Gulf has to offer.