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The beautiful city of Daphne, Alabama will serve as the backdrop for the Annual Eastern Shore Jubilee Festival of Arts in 2018. The Jubilee Festival of Arts will bring together local chefs, artists and entertainers from all along the Eastern Shore of Alabama. 

A Bounty of Seafood Courtesy of the Jubilee

Each year, this festival aims to coincide with the annually occurring yet very unique natural phenomenon known as the Jubilee. Towards the end of the Summer, Alabama’s Mobile Bay becomes one of few places in the country to experience the perfect storm of conditions which result in low oxygen levels in deeper waters and force crab, fish and shrimp closer to the surface. This exciting natural event allows locals from the Eastern Shore area to easily catch and enjoy fresh local seafood! 

The Jubilee Festival of Arts will allow both locals and visitors from around the country the opportunity to treat themselves to meals prepared by both amateur chefs as well as world-renowned professional chefs who are competing for the opportunity to qualify for the World Food Championships.

Experience the Art of the South

After enjoying all of the wonderfully prepared seafood, visitors should take a stroll down the beautiful streets of “Old Towne” Daphne and marvel at the artistic creations that will be put on display by artists of all ages! Since its inception in 1999, Kids Art in the Park has become one of the most popular events of the weekend as children from the Eastern Shore are able to proudly show off their masterpieces, with support from the local community. The aim of Kids Art in the Park is to encourage families to take an active role in the promotion of arts and crafts for local youth.  

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity to See the Bay

The Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce, City of Daphne and Jubilee Festival Committee have combined to spend countless hours of planning and preparation in anticipation of the 30th annual Jubilee Festival of Arts and we are all eagerly awaiting your arrival. We look forward to working alongside these groups as your family enjoys two days of delicious locally caught seafood, local arts and crafts and hours of entertainment.

The Jubilee Festival in Daphne is a family-friendly event with entertainment and fun perfect for all ages! Brett-Robinson looks forward to providing an unparalleled level of service and comfort during your stay at our luxurious Gulf Shore rental properties. Please feel free to call us at 1-800-211-7892 with any questions or concerns regarding your stay at our properties.