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Choosing Gulf Shores as your New Orleans Getaway

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Vacations from New Orleans

New Orleans has more than earned its place as one of America's most fun and fascinating cities. There's just one thing about New Orleans - in the summer it gets HOT!

Where do New Orleanians go when the heat and humidity get to be too much? Gulf Shores, of course! Here are the top 5 reasons why you'll find New Orleanians residents summering in Gulf Shores, Alabama with smiles on their faces:

1. Close and clean!

Only 3 hours from New Orleans, Gulf Shores is an easy getaway for however long you need to beat the heat. While there are other beach towns along the way, Gulf Shores' broad white beaches and tropical colored seas are a clean break from the muddy Mississippi Delta and make the perfect vacation really snap into place. In fact, Gulf Shores attracts families from all across Louisiana as the region's premier summer getaway destination.

2. The food is top notch

It's hard to imagine a citizen from New Orleans going on vacation to a place with substandard food, and have no fears - Gulf Shores does not disappoint when it comes to cuisine. Recognized nationwide for the quality of its seafood, Gulf Shores provides restaurants and condo chefs available for special events. We have locally sourced blue crab, snapper, oysters, grouper and the famous Royal Red deep water shrimp. Head out on the water, from one of our Gulf Shores condos with a slip for your own boat, or on one of our charters, to get that local seafood for yourself!

3. A real vacation from city living

Not only does Gulf Shores offer beach relaxation in all the gloriousness that entails - sugar sands, temperate blue beaches, and great weather from spring well into fall. It also offers a variety of nature oriented activities and wonders. Miles of biking and hiking are available at our state parks, and the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge provides over 7,000 acres of habitat for migratory birds, sea turtles, and Alabama's very own endangered beach mouse. And last we checked while you can have a lot of fun on Bourbon Street, you still aren't going to encounter a golf course, let alone one of our pro-designed and conveniently located ones.

4. Fun for adults and kids alike

If you're looking for high end shopping, spas, and luxury resorts, guess where you can find them? Gulf Shores. If you're looking for family friendly beach condos, beach houses, amusement parks, zoos and aquariums, guess where you can find them? Gulf Shores. There's a memorable vacation waiting for anyone, only 3 hours away from New Orleans.

5. Loyalty to the Gulf

New Orleans has worked incredibly hard to recover from the natural disasters that have pounded the region over the past decade, and the community has done a fantastic job. Gulf Shores and Orange Beach have done the same, and we are now blessed to be home to 2 of the nation's 13 5 stars for cleanliness beaches and a bounty of recovered and delicious local seafood. Our two cities share and love our beautiful Gulf Coast, and we celebrate all the great culture and natural resources this special coastline provides!