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Property Management FAQs

Managing your vacation rental property involves many decisions. We know you likely have questions about selecting the right management company and optimizing your investment. Below we've compiled answers to some of the most common property management FAQs from property owners.

General Property Management Questions

Q: What are the main services a rental management company provides?
A: Key services include marketing, booking guests, cleaning, maintenance, guest services, accounting, and owner communication. Brett/Robinson handles all rental operations and includes the front desk staff services for your properties’ guests.

Q: What fees and commissions do management companies charge?
A: Fees range widely, but typically include a commission on bookings, a reservation fee, cleaning fees, and sometimes base monthly fees. Be sure to understand the full fee structure by reaching out to us for more information and an estimate for your specific unit or property.

Q: Should I choose a local or national management company?
A: Though national firms offer broad exposure, local companies know the area well and typically provide more personalized service for both owner and renter. Evaluate your options carefully before selecting a management company.

Brett/Robinson Specific Property Management FAQs

Q: How long has Brett/Robinson been in business?
A: For over 40 years, we've been providing vacation rentals in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Our experience and expertise is unmatched.

Q: What properties does Brett/Robinson manage?
A: We manage condos, beach houses, cottages and more, ranging from cozy efficiencies to 5-bedroom luxury homes. We are the builders of all the Phoenix condo buildings in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach and serve as rental management for many owners of Phoenix condos.

Q: What amenities and services do you offer owners?
A: Our owner services include digital booking, maintenance crews, 24/7 support, housekeeping, revenue optimization and more.

Q: What is your commission and fee structure?
A: Our tiered commission runs from 14-18% based on number of units. 1-2 units is 18%. 3-4 units is 17%. 5-9 units is 16%. 10-19 units is 15%. 20+ units is 14%. We also charge a 3% reservation fee. Maintenance is free - just parts/materials cost.

Q: What kind of marketing do you do to attract renters?
A: We utilize a robust mix of print, digital, social media, email campaigns, partnerships, and more to connect with vacationers all over the world.

Q: How can I get more information on your property management services?
A: Please contact our team members Gale Brankstone ( or Melinda Law ( They can provide a personalized consultation and revenue projection for your property.

Q: What payment and accounting information do owners receive?
A: Owners receive a direct deposit of earnings each month. You also get access to our portal with bookings, maintenance orders, and monthly statements.

Q: How can I stay updated about my property maintenance and reservations?
A: All owners have access to the Owner’s Website with a personalized page where they can view guest reservation listings, real-time maintenance work orders, and monthly financial statements.

Q: How does your marketing reach potential renters?
A: We utilize print, digital, social media, email campaigns, partnerships, and more to connect with vacationers worldwide.

Additionally, if you would like to talk to one of our vacation rental specialists, contact us directly.

Gale Brankstone Melinda Law
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We hope these FAQs help provide insight into professional vacation rental management. Feel free to contact us anytime with additional questions about maximizing your property's rental potential.