The Annual Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival

Have you ever gazed at a multitude of beautiful, brightly-colored hot air balloons hovering together in the sky? This annual festival is your opportunity to see many of these gorgeous balloons and even talk to their pilots. The Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival is normally held in late spring over a three-day weekend in Foley, Alabama, which is less than a 30-minute drive from our Gulf Shore or Orange Beach vacation rentals.

The event features a multitude of these magical balloons on the ground and in the sky. Throughout the course of the event there are opportunities to go inside the balloons and ride one of these beauties up into the clouds. In the evenings, the balloons ascend en masse at dusk. You'll want to get there well before 7 p.m. to grab a piece of prime real estate to watch them all glow in the evening sky. The balloons also go up early in the mornings. You will have to be an early bird to catch sight of the morning balloon flights, but it will definitely be something you won?t want to miss. If you aren?t excited about getting out that early in the morning maybe the evening flights would suit you better.

Other Activities
During the day as you enjoy the beautiful Alabama weather you can enjoy many of the free, fun-filled activities for families at the balloon festival. Bring your picnic blankets and grab a bite to eat as you listen to live music daily -- there will be something for everyone. Disc Connected K-9 World Famous Frisbee Dog Show will be showing off the aerial talents of our four-legged friends as they catch Frisbee after Frisbee - don't miss that! Local artisans will have items on hand for you to browse and possibly find a treasure along the way, such as a one-of-a-kind souvenir. There is also a 5K race called Color the Sky that takes place on the Saturday morning of the festival. Check out the schedule on the Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival website.

Fun for Kids
The free Kids Zone at the festival will have kids of all ages amused for hours. They will have opportunities to pet small animals, have their faces painted, listen to some kid tunes and dance the day away!

Even if you don?t have kids there is no reason to miss this great annual event! There are plenty of fun things that singles or couples will enjoy to make a memorable day. The live music will range from country, rock and roll, to the blues, and everything in between. You can stroll the grounds while grabbing a homemade ice-cream cone and meeting new and interesting people.

In the end, this colorful, unique balloon festival will add wonderful memories of your trip to Foley, Alabama!


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