‘Donut Boy’ visits Gulf Shores PD with special treat

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By Asha Staples, Reporter

GULF SHORES, AL (WALA) - A Florida kid, known as “Donut Boy” is making his rounds across the country delivering donuts to police officers. [On Tuesday, May 2], 9-year-old Tyler Carach’s “I DONUT have to have a reason to THANK a cop” campaign landed him in Gulf Shores.

His mom Sheena says what started off as a small, local gesture to deputies with the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, has landed him the opportunity to serve and thank other men and women who wear a badge across the country.

“Take a donut, get a donut!” Tyler screamed as his walked a box of donuts down a hallway.

“Being a mom I was thinking ‘how are we going to thank 900,000 cops in America?’ and he’s showed me up!” Tyler’s mom Sheena said in laughter.

Donut cape and all, since his campaign started in August, Tyler has been to police stations at home in Florida, Oregon, Illinois, Georgia and now Alabama is on his list.

For the full story and a video, visit www.fox10tv.com .

If you want to follow Tyler and his campaign, you can “LIKE” his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/IDONUTneedareasontothankacop/.

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