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Christmas 2021 Service Desk Closures

Christmas is here and we are encouraging our staff members to enjoy the holiday with family and friends.  With that in mind, Brett/Robinson will be closing some Service Desks at noon on Friday, December 24 until Sunday, December 26 (details provided below).

The following Service Desks will be CLOSED at noon on Christmas Eve (December 24) and on Christmas Day (December 25), but will RE-OPEN for regular business hours on Sunday, December 26:

Closed Check-In Desk   

Alternate Check-In Location

  Phone Number

 59 Office

 Phoenix III

 (251) 960-9003 

 Island Winds East/West  

 Phoenix All Suites  (251) 968-8300​​​​​

 Phoenix I/II

 Phoenix III

 (251) 960-9003

 Phoenix VI      

 Phoenix VII

 (251) 960-8052

 Phoenix VIII

 Phoenix VII

 (251) 960-8052

 Phoenix IX

 Phoenix X

 (251) 967-6152

 Phoenix All Suites West  Phoenix All Suites  (251) 968-8300​​​​​
 Phoenix East  Phoenix VII  (251) 960-8052
 Phoenix East II  Phoenix VII  (251) 960-8052
 Phoenix Gulf Shores  Phoenix All Suites  (251) 968-8300​​​​​
 Phoenix Orange Beach  Phoenix VII  (251) 960-8052
 Phoenix Orange Beach II  Phoenix VII  (251) 960-8052
 Phoenix West  Phoenix III  (251) 960-9003 
 Phoenix West II  Phoenix III  (251) 960-9003 ​​​​​

​​​​The following Service Desks will remain OPEN throughout the holiday:

 Phoenix All Suites
 Phoenix III/IV
 Phoenix V
 Phoenix VII
 Phoenix X
 Phoenix on the Bay

Wishing you and your family a blessed and Merry Christmas.