Dolphin Cruise

Take a trip aboard the Explorer with Cetacean Cruises

  Been on a dolphin cruise? We took the grandkids aboard the Explorer with Cetacean Cruises, and they absolutely …
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Alabama Gulf Coast wildlife

Best places to see wildlife on the Alabama coast

  Do you like to watch dolphins splash around? More of a birdwatcher? Do you take the kids or …
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Alabama Gulf Coast dolphin cruise

Picking the perfect dolphin cruise

  Why are humans fascinated by the sight of dolphins in the wild? Is it their playfulness? Their beauty? …
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Family Sprint Break activities for kids

Five activities for the kids during your spring break

  It’s spring break and the beach is calling your name. You know you are going to take the …
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Spring Break kids activities at the Beach

Plan kids’ activities for your spring break

  Taking the kids to the beach for spring break this year? There is no place my kids would …
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sailing adventure

Set sail on an Alabama Gulf Coast off-shore adventure

  Ready to tap into your inner pirate or explorer? You want to have a little fun and adventure …
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In the Mood for a Gulf Coast Cruise

Somebody on Facebook shared a picture of a man holding a baby dolphin in the ocean the other day. …
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Favorite Ways to Enjoy a Beach Sunset

Now that we’ve “sprung forward” with the new time change and have had time to adjust to that lost …
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There Are Several Ways to Enjoy a Gulf Boating Excursion

I had forgotten just how fun boats can be. I’ve been on several fishing charters over the last few …
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