Golf the Alabama Gulf Coast

An Alabama golf vacation is about more than golf!

I love playing golf on the Alabama coast. I mean, what’s not to love about it? Beautiful courses. Affordable …
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Fall golf is calling!

It’s time for fall golf, and I couldn’t be more excited! Truth be told, I love golf on the …
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Peninsula aerial view

Beautiful, challenging courses at Peninsula Golf

I think I could golf just about every day and still look forward to the next day’s round. With …
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A Golf Vacation: Is Cold or Hot Weather Better?

If you had to choose between a winter and a summer golf vacation—and many of us do—which would you …
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Brett Robinson Oct 2011 3076-6884

In Case You Need a Good Reason for a Fall Golf Vacation

It’s nearly that time of year again—that perfect time of year for a golf vacation on the Gulf. I …
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Pair up a Golf Tournament with a Golf Vacation in August

I’m wondering how much golf I could play during a Gulf Shores & Orange Beach golf vacation in August. …
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How Many Courses in a Golf Vacation?

So there are nine options for golf courses when booking a Brett/Robinson golf package. All are excellent choices for golf, …
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A Gulf Golf Vacation Makes a Great Gift

Here’s my philosophy when it comes to Christmas shopping: When all else fails, give the gift of golf. All …
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Planning a Golf Vacation on the Gulf is Easy Enough

As many times as my sister and her husband have vacationed in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach, they have …
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74352_10150104089283793_2061731_n (1)

Planning that Perfect Golf Vacation on the Gulf

Generally, I like to plan to play at several different golf courses when I book my Gulf Shores & …
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