Alabama Sand Dunes

Of Mice and Sand Dunes: Why we love our Alabama beach mice

If you’ve ever seen a small rodent with big onyx eyes and little pink feet scurrying by during your …
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Audubon Bird Sanctuary

Gulf Shores, Fort Morgan and Orange Beach stops along Alabama’s Coastal Connection

Have you heard of Alabama’s Coastal Connection? The Coastal Connection Scenic Byway is a way to connect the natural, …
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Alabama Coastal Birding Trail

Where to go birding on the Alabama Gulf Coast

  My wife is into birdwatching. Not just a little. She is, in fact, quite the enthusiast. She has …
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Alabama Gulf Coast wildlife

Best places to see wildlife on the Alabama coast

  Do you like to watch dolphins splash around? More of a birdwatcher? Do you take the kids or …
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winter activities at the beach

Three winter activities to enjoy at the beach

  How do you spend time at the beach during the winter months? In January and February, Gulf Shores …
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Gulf Coast Hiking Trails

Get outside with hikes on the Backcountry Trail, Bon Secour Refuge

  It’s hard not to overindulge during the holiday season. And we are smack-dab in the middle of it …
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ACC road trip

Take a road trip with Alabama’s Coastal Connection Scenic Byway

  Most days when I’m relaxing at a beachfront condo, I prefer to stay right there on the beach. …
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BR blog April 4 kayaking

Get out on the back bays and Little Lagoon on a kayak

So you want to get out on the water, but don’t want to book a charter or go offshore. …
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BR blog Jan. 22 five things about gulf shores

Four things to love about Gulf Shores

  Each year, tens of thousands of families make the trek to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach for a …
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BR blog Dec. 25 getting outside

Get outside on the Alabama Gulf Coast during the holidays

  After you fill up on the Christmas cookies, candy and other holiday goodies, you might feel the need …
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