Time to Plan a Memorial Day Weekend Getaway

I’m formulating a plan for Memorial Day weekend that will blow away all previous Memorial Day weekends, thanks to a hot deal and a cool Gulf Shores music event.

The music event is the 8th Annual LuLuPalooza on Saturday and Sunday, May 26th and 27th. If you’ve ever been to LuLu’s you can probably imagine what a fun event this will be, with live performances from a variety of music artists and a live performance painter. If you haven’t been to LuLu’s, all the more reason to go—live music, good food, and good times are regular occurrences.

The hot deal: Brett/Robinson’s Memorial Day Bonus. With this deal, not only do you get one night free (on a minimum five-night stay), you also get 20% off your stay (as long as the Gulf Shores & Orange Beach vacation falls between May 24th and June 8th). Sign me up please! I could easily turn that deal into a much needed week-long vacation.

And with the money I’d be saving, I’d have to throw in at least one more activity—maybe an extra round (or two) of golf, or maybe an Orange Beach fishing charter. I’m sure I can think of something—time to plan it.