Check Out These Beach Vacation Photos

What’s the first thing you do when you add a new friend on Facebook? If you’re like me, you head straight for the photos. I have an obsession with other people’s photos, for a couple reasons. For one thing, I simply love photography. I like looking other people’s photography and getting ideas for my own photographs.

My other reason: I simply enjoy seeing other people’s experiences. It’s just fun.

Facebook is an excellent place for photo browsing, but I recently found another that I like—the photo gallery on People upload their Gulf Shores & Orange Beach photos, and there are some pretty cool shots of places like LuLu’s, views from Brett/Robinson condominiums, and several really awesome shots of Gulf sunsets. You can see what a great time these folks have had during their Orange Beach vacations.

Now I feel totally inspired to get out to the beach and challenge myself to take some truly amazing Gulf Coast photos—then post them for the world to see.

Happy photographing!