Time to Plan a Gulf Shores Fishing Trip

I know spring has just begun, but I am already planning ahead for summer—this will be my next opportunity for some Gulf Shores & Orange Beach fishing.

If you’ve never gone fishing on the Gulf, do it. There are so many options to choose from: various charters offering inshore fishing, offshore fishing, trips ranging from a few hours to overnight excursions, small groups or large groups. I’ve even seen an option for a “party boat”—that’s going on this summer’s fishing agenda! It’ll make a nice addition to this summer’s family reunion at the beach.

You can even simplify the fishing trip planning process by booking a fishing vacation package with Brett/Robinson. There are a couple options with this vacation package: $65 (per person) for a four-hour fishing trip or $85 for a six-hour trip. The prices include fishing license, fishing tackle, and bait. And anyone who wants to tag along and enjoy the boat but not fish can do so at a reduced rate—$30 for the four-hour trip and $40 for the six-hour trip.

Of course, you don’t have to wait until summer—the Gulf is ready for you now!