Funny Money

What would you do if you came across a briefcase full of money? Would you spend it? Turn it over to the authorities? Maybe both? I like to think I would turn it in; I have way too much of a guilty conscience to go spending someone else’s money.

No, I’m not asking for advice—the only money I’ve found lately is a ten dollar bill that had been hiding in my winter coat pocket since last year. South Baldwin Community Theater is putting on a production of “Funny Money,” based on the book by Ray Cooney. The storyline is just as I’ve stated: the main character mistakenly picks up the wrong suitcase, which contains a million pounds in banknotes. According to the description of the play, “he has to deal with the changes it brings.” Sounds very intriguing.

Funny Money is playing next month. I won’t be there to see it, but I think I’ll check out what other plays will be showing when I’m there this spring. is a good place to look for both plays and other events in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach. Looks like there will be a lot to do this spring!