Book a Phoenix IX Condo and Go Toss a Fish!

Want a chance to toss a fish across the Alabama-Florida border? Sure you do! It’s part of the 27th Annual Interstate Mullet Toss & Gulf Coast’s Greatest Beach Party, scheduled for April 27th to 29th. Tossing the fish is only part of it—there will also be food, a keg toss, tug of war, a bikini contest, and just generally good times on the beach.

And if you want to stay within walking distance of the event and save a little money on beach-front accommodations, you might want to take advantage of Brett/Robinson’s Mullet Toss Weekend special: book a condo at Phoenix IX for sometime during April 26th to 29th and receive 20% off.

It’s an excellent deal—not only are you close enough to walk to the event, you also have access to pools (including a 7th-floor indoor pool overlooking the Gulf of Mexico), hot tubs, and an indoor, climate-controlled tennis court on the 12th floor that overlooks Ole River and Ono Island. Bring a group of friends (there’s plenty of room with these Orange Beach condos ranging from one to three bedrooms) and enjoy the party!