March is a Good Month for Delicious Gulf Foods

Raise your hand if you love food! (Hand is raised and waving wildly.) I don’t mean just any food—I mean good food. Really good food. Like barbeque and German sausage.

And no, those are not completely random choices. If you’ve checked the Gulf Shores & Orange Beach calendar of events lately, you might have noticed two food-related events coming up: the BBQ and Blues Cook-Off this Saturday, March 17th, and the Original German Sausage Festival on Saturday, March 31st.

One thing I really love about the BBQ event is it’s on Saint Patrick’s Day. I know a lot of people love to do the corned beef thing on Saint Patty’s Day (my mom attempts to make it every year), but personally, I’d much rather eat barbeque. And listen to live music. BBQ and Blues Cook-Off it is then.

As for the sausage festival, it’s just hard to say no to a day of carnival rides, more live music, baked goods, and, of course, German sausage. (And for those of you who are of age, I hear the Bier Garten has lots of imported beer.)

It’s going to be good times—plan to be there!