Spring Golf is Here, Time to Start Planning

I realized the other day that baseball spring training has officially started, which made think two things: I really want to make it to a major league baseball game this year (haven’t done this in a couple years), and I need to start my own spring training.

Not for baseball. The big spring golf vacation is coming up. I need to prepare. Training in this respect would mean, first and foremost, playing more golf—I simply can’t let the rest of the group show me up on the golf course. It also means getting the finances together in preparation for the big trip to Gulf Shores & Orange Beach.

This is the easy part. It’s simple enough to book a Brett/Robinson golf package, and spring is an ideal time to go—the weather’s great, and the spring rates are lower than summer rates.

And the final part of my “spring training” plan: get all participants in this group getaway on the same page concerning our golf accommodations. There’s an Orange Beach condo lying in wait for us—we just have to figure out which one it is.