Thinking Warm Thoughts

I may be living in the south, but I have experienced more cold weather so far this winter than I really care for. Snow, ice, below average temperatures…spring really can’t get here fast enough.

And yet I know that spring really will get here fast—maybe faster than I’m ready for if I don’t start planning now. For starters, I like to start working early toward getting myself in shape for the warm weather. But more important, I want to get the details of my spring getaway squared away as soon as possible, partly because I just enjoy the planning process. Simply thinking about the white-sand beaches of Gulf Shores & Orange Beach helps keep me warm during these chilly days. And partly because I want to be sure I can take advantage of vacation packages and deals.

Brett/Robinson offers some good ones, including their free night specials. You can book a stay with them and get 20% off three nights, four nights for the price of three, five nights for the price of four, etc. They even offer ten nights for the price of seven.

Check out the Brett/Robinson website for more information on the free night specials.