Need a Hotel on the Gulf Coast?

Sometimes a hotel just makes sense—like when you decide to attend an out-of-town wedding even though you’re going solo (as I did this past fall), or when you almost forget your wedding anniversary and make last-minute decision to bring your wife and kids to the Gulf for a few days as an anniversary present (as my brother-in-law is doing in a couple weeks).

But it’s only worth it if it’s the right kind of hotel—comfortable and convenient. Which is why it was practically a requirement that my brother-in-law book a room at one of the Brett/Robinson Phoenix All Suites Hotels. They’ll have the easiness that a hotel room offers. He and my sister will have their own bedroom (and the kiddos get the bunk beds). And they’ll have an actual kitchen, which is one of my favorite features of these Gulf-front hotels and which will allow him to prepare a special anniversary dinner (a sort of penance for nearly forgetting the date completely).

Here’s another situation where a room at the Phoenix All Suites Hotel is ideal: during the Hangout Music Festival. The Gulf Shores hotel is right on the site of this event. It’s a great way to take a break from all the activity without having to miss much—relax on the hotel balcony overlooking the Gulf of Mexico and still hear the music.