Don’t Let a Rainy (or Cold) Day Ruin Your Vacation

I can’t believe how awesome this weather has been lately. Spring fever’s been hitting me hard thanks to the mild temperatures—spring break can’t get her fast enough!

But in the back of my mind, I can’t help but think we’re going to pay for this early spring—perhaps in the form of a cold snap or nonstop rain the week of spring vacation. Luckily, Gulf Shores & Orange Beach is one of the best places, rain or shine (and cold or warm) for a beach vacation. Just check out this list of rainy day activities in case bad weather strikes.

Arcades used to be one of my favorite indoor activities—and maybe they still are! Adventure Island in Orange Beach has 100 arcade games, which (I know from experience) is enough to keep you busy when the weather is lousy. The place also has a rock wall and the Max Flight Simulator—a truly awesome experience!

Another favorite is the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center. You might think that a week off from school doesn’t lend itself to finding fun at a bunch of science exhibits…but you would be wrong. The Exploreum is (in my opinion) one of the coolest attractions on the Alabama Gulf Coast. And then there’s the Science Center’s IMAX dome theater—definitely a must-see.

And if there’s one thing the area has plenty of, its museums. Whether you want to learn a little Gulf Shores history, explore the Orange Beach Indian culture, or get an up-close look at aviation, there’s a Gulf Coast museum just waiting for you.