Planning Your Spring Break

Spring Break on the beach always results in a lot of memories regardless of age. From relaxing on the sand, splashing in the surf or slip-sliding down a water slide to racing go-carts, racking up tokens at the arcade or the excitement of riding a roller coaster. These are all things you can find on the Alabama Gulf Coast during Spring Break and this is your one-stop guide to Spring Break planning! Here you can find where to stay, what to do and what to bring with you!


Where to stay:


The best place for you and your whole crew really starts with what amenities you are looking for. First ask yourself where you want to be: Directly on the beach? With beautiful bay views? Off the beaten path? Then you’ll want to use the chart below. This is the best place to start narrowing down where you’ll want to stay by selecting if you want an indoor and outdoor pool or if a lazy river is a must or if you need a tennis court or hot tub on the property where you stay. After this, you can narrow down by estimated price. Once you’ve used the cart below, hop over to to see photos of the places where you want to stay. You can book directly through the website or you can skip all of the above with help from our local Vacation Specialists! Call 1-800-211-7892 to speak with them directly.


What to do:


There’s no end to the activities waiting for you during your Spring Break getaway! From yummy food to fun activities, there’s something for everyone! Be sure to check out the blogs listed below each topic to plan your perfect Spring Break getaway!




Before You Arrive:


So what should you pack for a perfect beach day? What should you know before you arrive? How can you survive the trip down with kids? These are things all parents think of before traveling and, luckily, we have information to share. Be sure to click over to the blogs listed below that cover all of these topics.


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We look forward to welcoming you to our little piece of paradise. We know you will love it here! Please reach out to our incredible team should you have any questions or need assistance before you arrive. It is our goal and pleasure to serve our amazing guests year after year.