The Beach Culture

Beach Culture… and all the reasons to make the beach your home for a week, month or longer!
You don’t need convincing to go to the beach but it couldn’t hurt to share a little of our beach culture and what sets the Alabama Gulf Coast apart from other vacation destinations.

A Sunny Disposition

Aren’t you happier when you are at the beach? You’ll find that most locals in our area are laidback, a little less stressed and healthier than those that live in the city. There’s even research to back this up! Soaking in the Gulf is soothing for your skin. Salt air boosts the immune system. A healthy dose of vitamin D is readily available! These are just a few reasons for our sunny dispositions!
A Casual Dress Code

Flip flops and sunglasses are constants year-round in our area. You’ll find it rare for anyone to be dressed in business attire, even business professionals! Everything is a little less formal, a little more relax and a lot more fun! This makes it perfect for us to get to know you and you to feel right at home in our little coastal towns of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.

Southern Hospitality

Though beach people have a sunny disposition, you’ll find that our southern locals take it to a different level. Friendliness and warmth await you when you check in to your condo, venture out to local restaurants, and stroll along the sugar-white sands. Strangers will hold your door, passersby will nod and smile, and individuals will chat you up in the elevators. It’s a friendly place and we think you’ll love it!
So consider this your invitation to become a local for a little while… or permanently! Plan your getaway with our vacation specialists who live, work and play on the Gulf Coast. These experts are the best way to find your perfect oasis and plan your getaway. We hope to see you soon!