Take a Quick Break and a Quick Peek at the Beach

Ah, the sight of the sun coming up over the Gulf, the waves rolling into the beach, the Gulf breeze rustling through palm trees. It’s the perfect way to start the morning—even if I’m not actually at the beach.

Nope, I’m just checking in with the Brett/Robinson beach cams. There’s something very peaceful about observing the white-sand beaches and the condominium pools first thing in the morning, before anyone is actually out—whether I’m there taking an early morning walk on the beach or simply goofing off with technology before starting the work day.

I’m particularly drawn to the camera for Phoenix on the Bay II this morning, with all those boat slips on the Bay. It reminds me of two things: how much I’d really like my own boat (it will happen one day!) and how I have several more weeks to go before I’m in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach again.

Thank goodness for today’s technology.