Coastal DIY – Seaside Lighting

My Post-10Beach lovers are always trying to find a way to feel like they are in the tropics daily. One of the ways we find is to decorate your house or surround yourself with items that have that coastal feel. If you love the beach as much as we do, you will also love this beautiful (and affordable) new lamp for your home or office!

Recently, while trying to decorate my home with a little bit of that Gulf Coast atmosphere, I started looking for lamps. Here’s the catch: I wanted TALL table lamps since we have vaulted ceilings. Have you shopped for table lamps lately and seen the price? Wow. Plus, it’s so so hard to find exactly what you want. What to do… Let’s see if we can MAKE OUR OWN!

IMG_0134While shopping at Home Goods, I found a couple of bottles for $10 apiece. They were the perfect beachy aqua blue. I took them home and luckily, we have access to a glass drill bit. (You can purchase one to have on hand for your next project involving glass.) Holes drilled at the back bottom of the bottle allow this beauty to be wired for lighting. (We purchased our lamp lighting kits on Amazon for about $15 for 2.)

IMG_0146I then pull out my corks I purchased online (you’ll want to measure your specific bottle openings to be sure but these were sized for mason jars). We pushed a hole with a screwdriver through the middle so the wiring of the lamp could go through it first before going in the bottle. (BE SURE to do this before anything else so you’re able to pull everything together at the end.

IMG_0139Once the lamp is wired, then comes the fun part. While looking for the perfect shell on the beach is fun, you don’t want to remove enough of those beautiful treasures from the beach to fill a lamp. You could purchase some and sand to fill your lamp OR you could buy these little beauties from your local craft supply store. These glass beads were in the floral department at Hobby Lobby (right below this perfectly weathered-looking cord/wire we’ll use later). We filled up the bottle then pulled the electrical cord back through the beads so it was taut.

IMG_0142From here, I heated up my trusty little hot glue gun and started wrapping and gluing the beautiful weathered grapevine wire around the top of the bottleneck. I just put glue at the bottom then pulled everything tight as I went, securing the end with hot glue as well.

IMG_0153You’re now almost done! Pull your electrical cord tight, put a little hot glue on the bottom of the bulb post that will go in the cork, then push the two together. At this point, you’ll want to pull out your lampshade and bulb. Secure your shade, install your bulb and plug your new lamp in the wall. I took my scissors for a little last clean-up of the grapevine wire.

IMG_0149Voila! Your perfect coastal-inspired lamp! Go ahead and grab your photos from your last vacation on the Gulf Coast and put them framed around your beachy masterpiece! Everyone will want one!IMG_0167