A Local View – A Toddler’s Day Out

My Post-9We all love the surf, sand, and sun that comes with a beach vacation! But a full week of entertaining a toddler on the beach can be challenging. Our Local View topic this month is all about sharing a day in the life of entertaining toddlers away from the beach. It’s all about fun (and wearing out those sweet, little balls of energy)! Here’s a little more about our visit to OWA, just a 15-minute drive north of the beach.

With my 2-year old in tow, we took the last day of summer break to visit the OWA amusement park along with some dear friends. I really didn’t know what to expect when it came to activities for my daughter at her age. I’m here to tell you, there’s a lot of fun to be had for the whole family!*
When it comes to rides for the entire crew, stick to the right side of the park. All of the thrill rides are on your left side as you enter the gate. There are so many rides that I’m not sure if we rode them all while we were there! From Flying Tigers to Sky Balloons, Tea Time to Swingin’ Fun, a grand time was had by all. Another attraction that helped the kiddos cool off was the 9,500 square foot splash pad! (Make sure to pack your swimsuits and a dry set of clothes.)
After a couple of hours in the sunshine having fun, it was time for a break. OWA offers so many wonderful restaurants to choose from when it’s time for lunch (or dinner!). We enjoyed the wonderful food (and great air conditioning) at the Groovy Goat. It’s perfect for the whole family with lots to choose from and an environment conducive to excited children. (i.e. It’s loud and has tv’s everywhere so when they cry from exhaustion, you won’t really bother the tables around you.)

We had a wonderful time while we were there! Also, we learned some things that will help with our next visit (and can help you!).

Tip #1: Everyone needs to wear a hat and sunscreen! While there are places to cool off with misting fans, most of the line areas are not covered leaving you entirely in the sunshine.

Tip #2: Buy a bottle or two of water when you first get there! This will save you from having to delay the fun when going from ride to ride.

Tip #3: If both parents or even grandparents are going but don’t want to ride, you can get a non-rider ticket in for no charge! This is also the perfect person to watch strollers, bags, etc.!

Tip #4: Make sure that one parent per small child has a rider ticket. There will be some rides they will be able to ride only with a parent.

Tip #5: The “rider” parent should be cool with round and round rides i.e. teacups and spinning hot air balloons. (You may have to rock, paper, scissors this responsibility with the other adults…)

Be sure to share all of your adventures on the Alabama Gulf Coast with us on social media by using the hashtag #BRVacations ! We hope you will enjoy all the fun to be had on and off the beach during your next getaway.


*There are regulations for height for each ride. Be sure you know before you go. We found this was the general description of rides in the Family-Friendly and Kids areas: Rider under 42 inches in height may ride if accompanied by a responsible person. Rider above 42 inches may ride alone. These may change per ride so be sure to check the sign at the entrance of the line.