Top 3 Vacation Planning Tips!

My Post-8So you already have 5 of the best reasons to go to the beach (Link:! Now, where do you start in the planning process? Whether you are planning a getaway with your children, a family reunion with the whole crew or a beach vacation with another family, you’ll want to start here. There are our top 3 tips on getting the best deal to stay where the whole family can have fun!


Involve the everyone in the process!

Before you make any decisions, start by having a conversation with everyone that will be going. Yes, even the kiddos! Once you arrive and everything is planned, you don’t want to have someone say, “I don’t want to”. This is a vacation with everyone so you’ll want to do your research on what activities are available. You’ll also want to be aware which of the group members wants a little more down time and how much “planned activities” needs to be on the agenda. You won’t know until you have a conversation so this is the perfect place to start!

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Request a BeachLife Magazine

Speaking of research, there is a perfect one stop shop to find food, activities, accommodations and FUN! Let’s start with food: You’ll find articles on the best places to find fresh local seafood, a local’s favorite cheap eats and even the best tropical drinks on the island (and where to find them)!

When it comes to accommodations, you’ll find a lineup of the best condominiums and beach houses on the Alabama Gulf Coast with the easiest to follow chart of which properties have specific amenities! This makes planning for everyone’s wants and needs as easy as 1.2.3!

Lastly, when it comes to activities, you’ll find articles where to take the perfect picture to water front adventure and even education tidbits to share with your friends and family. Even better, there’s a directory at the back of the book where you can skim for any range of possible fun things to do!


Booking Direct (Fun Pass)

You may not know this but booking directly with your vacation rental provider is ALWAYS going to be the most cost-effective way to travel. Online travel agencies like VRBO or AirBnB will always charge you a fee in addition to what the direct provider would charge you. Because of this, you’ll want to check out before you plan your vacation to the Alabama Gulf Coast. Not only will you find the largest array of vacation rentals at the most sought after properties, you’ll also be able to get the lowest price! PLUS, you’ll want to check out the Hot Deals tab for the current specials! You can save even more!

All that being said, when you book directly with Brett/Robinson, you will receive our new $200 Brett-Robinson Vacation Pass. This voucher, worth up to $200 in savings, can be applied towards a wide range of area activities including sunset cruises, charter fishing trips, zoo visits and more.

To claim your Brett-Robinson Vacation Pass, please complete the following steps:

Step 1. Book your vacation with us at or .
Step 2. Make your final payment.
Step 3. Receive a unique link which will provide access to your voucher.
Step 4. Book your family’s preferred activities and receive the appropriate discount.
Step 5. Head to the beach and make memories!

(Note: The value of the Brett-Robinson Fun Pass will depend on the underlying cost of your selected activity. In other words, the value of your Brett-Robinson Fun Pass will increase with value of your activity).

Save $10 when you spend $50-$199.
Save $30 when you spend $200-$399.
Save $60 when you spend $400-$599.
Save $100 when you spend $600-$799.
Save $150 when you spend $800-$999.
Save $200 when you spend $1000 or more.

Here is a real-world example. Let’s assume a family wants to use their voucher to visit to the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo. The total original cost, not including fees and taxes, is $200. In this scenario, the value of the Brett-Robinson Fun Pass would be $30. Once applied, the final cost for the family would be $170.

Visit our B/R Vacation Pass page to learn more!


Now that you have all the insider’s tips on planning your vacation, what are you waiting for?! Go talk to your loved ones and get to booking! Your perfect vacation is waiting!