Top Nine Road Trip Tips

My Post-8You are looking forward to a relaxing beach getaway on the Alabama Gulf Coast, but first things first. The drive to the beach. This may already be a fun experience for your family. Everyone is looking forward to hitting the water and sand so the trip down isn’t a bad one. But the trip back when everyone is tired and not looking forward to the everyday grind isn’t always a fund one. Be a step ahead and plan before you head to the beach! Here are a nine of our best ideas from some seasoned professionals!

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  • Make a plan – look for quick activities or places to stop along the way. Don’t just skip them if everyone seems fine at the moment. Got ahead and stop, let everyone stretch their legs, use the restroom and burn a little energy. Have your kiddos race each other or even get in on the fun yourself. Throw a ball or play a little Mother May I to quickly have some fun out of the car!

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  • Things to look for while on the road – make a list of things you’ll see out the window during your drive and make a scavenger hunt for your little ones.
  • Cooler with snacks is a must! Save a few pennies and make some healthy snacks the night before. Pack up hummus and pitas or carrots in your cooler. Slice apples and toss them in a little lemon juice so they won’t turn brown. Grab some oranges, pouch yogurt or even some yogurt covered raisins and nuts to keep you out of the drive thru line!
  • Sing Alongs – This was what my mom always had on hand when someone said they were bored. When all else fails, put on the soundtrack to your child’s favorite movie and everyone can join in!
  • Put an adult in the back to help entertain – even though it’s nice to have someone up front to pass the time with, having an adult in the backseat can be really helpful when it comes to entertaining kids.

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  • Avoid the electronics… when you can. This doesn’t mean don’t bring electronics. Let’s be honest that they will need a break (and so will you) at some point during a long drive. Keep in mind: It’s okay for them to get bored! This is a great way for them to use their imagination!

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  • Do you remember what you did on road trips as a child? Bring out the vintage ideas! I remember making up stories, coloring books or find-a-word books. You can even try some crafts. I made friendship bracelets from embroidery floss. Google some ideas, sit in the back with your kiddos and teach them how!

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  • Are we there yet? My dad’s famous rebuttal to this question was always to tell me (a) what mile marker we would arrive at (the exit number), (b) the current mile marker and (c) the MPH we were currently traveling at. He would then help me calculate how much longer until we arrive! This worked in two ways… It was educational and taught me how to calculate this! More importantly, if math was involved, I wouldn’t be asking that question for the remainder of the trip!
  • Most importantly, have some family conversation! This is when you are kicking off your family vacation which you’re taking for some quality time with the ones you love. Make this time together count!

Beach memories are the best memories, but that doesn’t mean that road trip memories are great too! Make the most of them while you are headed to the Alabama Gulf Coast!