5 Reasons To Go To The Beach!

My Post-4Time at the beach is never wasted! But there could be benefits you haven’t thought of that would be great reasons (and incentive) to visit the beach! Here are a few of our favorite reasons why:

43977389655_93c7f7148c_o1. The Gulf of Mexico:
– It’s the largest gulf in the world and the 10th largest body of water on the planet, holding 643 quadrillion gallons of water! Coastlines stretch the same distance as New York to Los Angeles – 3500 miles!
– It contains half of the nations coastal wetlands, 90% of its seagrass, and ALL its mangrove habitat!
– The coral reefs are at least 2,000 years old! The coral here was recently found to be one of the oldest living things on Earth.
Sea Life! You can spot dolphins, sea turtles, whales, and manatees.
– The Gulf is home to more than 750 known shipwrecks.
– The water is super deep! The average depth is 5,200 feet but can get as deep as 14,383 feet!


32867414007_079d13b9c4_o2. Your Health:
Stress relief: sounds on the beach encourage healthy sleep patterns because of their relaxing repetitive noise!
Vitamin D: When your body gets sun exposure, your skin uses the UVB rays to manufacture vital Vitamin D! It’s used to support immune, lung, and cardiovascular systems!
Fresh Air: Fresh salt air is full of negative ions that boost your ability to absorb oxygen. These negative ions also lift your emotional state!
Exercise: You can exercise anywhere but a walk on the beach is more enjoyable, right? Well, believe it or not, you’ll burn almost TWICE as many calories with a walk on the beach than on a solid surface!

42007917561_3acc54e654_o3. New Experiences:
Adventure: Take a hike on a nature trail, a bike ride on the MANY trails through Gulf State Park or a guided kayak tour on the back bays!
Education: From Sea, Sand and Stars to the Angler Academy, you can learn a lot about the area or learn a new skill while on vacation!
Culture: experience some of our history and culture by visiting historic sites or tasting some of our southern cuisines!
Entertainment: weekly light shows to world-famous musicians, you can find it all throughout the Alabama Gulf Coast!

45507277392_47c4e9dddb_o4. A New Reason To Shop:
Before You Arrive: who needs an excuse to buy a vacation wardrobe? Just me? From swimwear to evening outfits to comfy pajamas, you can use this vacation escape as your reason for what you “need”!
While You’re Here: Pamper yourself with personally-crafted, spa-quality bath and body products. Spoil yourself with delicious meals! Take home one-of-a-kind souvenirs or unique coastal décor.
Once You’re home: You’ll have so many photos on your phone or camera, it’ll be time to make a new memory book!

41536972944_5ccda971e4_o5. The Best Memories:
Quality Time: Life can be so hectic. This time on the sugar-white sand beaches could be just what you need to reconnect with your loved ones.
Tech-Free: While relaxing on the beach, you won’t want to check your phone or respond to emails. Luckily, you won’t need to. Unplug during your vacation!
Dreamy photos: The beach is the perfect backdrop of your family photos or snapshots throughout your stay. Capture the memories while in the moment.
Moments they (and you) will remember forever: What more could you ask for in a vacation? Memories of wind-blown hair, sandy toes, sun-kissed noses, and salty kisses.

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