Snapper Season News – Get Ready for the 2019 Season!

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You may have seen photos or heard some fishing stories but what’s Red Snapper fishing all about and what do I need to know before I go? Read below to learn more!


Everyone can go but when it comes to bringing children along, keep in mind that you know your child best. There’s no set age for safety. Is off-shore fishing safe? Yes. Can it be dangerous? Sure. If your children have an understanding of safety and are able to follow strict rules set by the captain and crew, then they should be fine going along. Seven to eight years old and older is a good rule, to begin with. As for everyone else, if you feel up for a challenge and some adventure, get on the boat!




What all is involved when you go fishing? What’s the day like? Physical activity? Generally speaking, you book your trip ahead of time and will know what time to arrive. After you arrive, the crew will cover safety protocol required by the coast guard. Your crew will typically have your equipment rigged and ready for your use.

Once you are underway, they will show you how to use it and go overfishing with a circle hook. A circle hook is legally required. This is because it will most likely not fatally injure the fish should it not meet regulation size. The biggest technique is that you don’t want to try to jerk the line. You want to let the fish take a circle hook and let them set themselves.

42360483955_19b978fb68_oYour captain will put you over a reef and let you know when you can drop your line. Typically, your average 16-20 inch snapper is a strong fish and don’t want to be caught obviously so, they will put up a fight. You will have to put forth some effort in catching them which is the fun part!

What should you bring? Aside from your favorite cocktail for the ride back in, you’ll want to bring a few other things along. Sunscreen, long-sleeves for sun protection, snacks, water, hat, Bonine, ginger ale, anti-nausea bracelets. Don’t be nervous and come with a good attitude. A lot of times its nerves that cause sickness on boats. If you are prone to being sick on boats, prepare before you depart.


Get ready to head out between June 1st-July 28th. Private boats and state-licensed guide boats can go out Friday-Sunday during this time plus Thursday, July 4th. If you are going on a charter boat, most are federally permitted and can Red Snapper fish any day of the week between June-July 28th.


Let’s answer the question: Where is the Red Snapper Capital of the WORLD? That would be the Alabama Gulf Coast! When you are headed offshore from our area, you’ll typically be headed between 15-20 miles offshore. The Gulf waters are between 60-120 foot of water.


Why is it so much fun? It’s fast action fishing! It’s not watching a cork bob, for sure. Once you are over a reef and the fish are feeding, people will be pulling multiple fish out of the water within a matter of minutes. It’s really exciting! It’s an adventure!