A Local View: An Area Highlight

My Post-119This month’s Local View highlight focuses on the great local hangout, Southern Grind. There are 4 aspects of this one-of-a-kind place that make it great! From the shopping to the aesthetics to the food to the coffee, you won’t regret making a stop when you are in the area!

30616598737_2fa2ae5d7d_oThe Shopping

Have you ever been to a store where you knew you had to buy an item you loved simply because you wouldn’t find anything like it again? That’s the kind of merchandise you’ll find in either of Southern Grind’s stores. From the perfect shelf décor to an ideal lamp to hand-blown colorful glass objects to marine animals made from driftwood, everything for sale can’t be found elsewhere!




The Aesthetics

When you need a beach hangout with a great Instagram perfect backdrop, look no further than Southern Grind. There are so many nooks at both locations you can find for a quick photo. Or if you’re looking for an ideal atmosphere for a business meeting, lunch with friends or a quick stop to send an email (and have coffee), this could be just what you are looking for.




45507277392_47c4e9dddb_oThe Food

Breakfast or lunch, a snack or meal, you can find something for everyone at Southern Grind. If you are counting your calories or watching what you eat, you can grab a veggie bowl, a salad, avocado melt or even the yogurt/granola parfait. Looking for a cheat meal that satisfies that craving, try the cheeseburger, a Belgian waffle, biscuits with gravy or one of the many paninis on the menu. Whatever you decide to order, you won’t be disappointed. BTW: Don’t miss out on the gelato!

45507278772_b3e319f2c9_oThe Coffee

This is the point we are all truly there for, right? A caffeinated pick-me-up to either get the day going or energize you for the remainder of the day. You can have your choice hot or cold brew, espresso specialties, non-coffee drinks, frappes, and frozen selections. There’s been nothing tried by our team that wasn’t delicious (and helped us make it through the day with a little more pep)!

Whatever your reason for going, be sure to take it all in. There’s something for everyone so enjoy yourself!