Celebration on the Gulf Coast!

39777909504_55ca894917_oBelieve it or not, Mardi Gras originated on the Alabama Gulf Coast! If you are staying with us prior to the beginning of Lent, you could experience all our area has to offer during Carnival! Here’s a little of our area history and the upcoming events during 2019.
Mobile, founded by French Roman Catholics in 1702, began the first mystic society (aka Krewe) in North America in 1703. (Just to be clear: This would have been 14 years before New Orleans was even founded.) Carnival in Mobile between 1703 and 1711 would have consisted of masked balls. Parades would come and would begin to look a little more of what you expect in today’s standards when the Cowbellion de Raken Society took its first procession through Mobile. (This is the society Joe Cain and his friends named after overindulgence lead to them breaking into a hardware store – stealing cowbells, rakes, etc. – and paraded to the door of the mayor’s house. Of course, they were very graciously asked to join the mayor and his wife for breakfast.)
While many think Mardi Gras is about the parades and what you can catch, in Mobile, that’s just the beginning. Our locals know carnival is all about southern heritage and local history… That’s just our way of saying: It’s all about the Masque Balls! Imagine secret society members in full carnival costumes and masks along with their dates in full costume de rigueur parading around a ballroom and paying homage to their queen. It seems like a scene out of a movie, right? This happens multiple times during Mardi Gras season in our area throughout all organizations and Krewes.
The Gulf Coast area may not have the ball but they host MANY fun parades for all our guests to enjoy! The cities of Orange Beach and Gulf Shores both host parades along with The Wharf and parading societies like Mystical Order of Mirams and Mystics of Pleasure. Be sure to check our Calendar of Events to see what event could be happening during your next visit!