On The Lookout

37837812255_1d4623eee2_oIf you didn’t already know, the Alabama Gulf Coast is a perfect stop for the avid or casual bird watcher! Believe it or not, the state of Alabama has more birds in the winter than in summer. Why do you ask? Because so many birds migrate here for the milder temperatures. There are many different species of our winged friends that can be spotted in our area;

Our coastal area is buzzing with hummingbirds during winter. With a little research and time, you could spot six to seven hummingbird species in a day or two! This was uncovered by the Hummer/Bird Study Group

37326721262_d4326087a4_oBelted Kingfishers & Great Blue Herons:
These are both common to Alabama all year long but many more arrive during migration. When trying to spot these great fishermen, you’ll want to look on wires over water or near any pond or a shallow body of water. This may lead you to the Gulf State Park or Little Lagoon in Gulf Shores!

American Bald Eagle:
This may be the most exciting feathered creature to sight in our area. Many of these impressive birds in mating pairs have made the area and even the state their home. You can spot them throughout the year but winter lends itself to be the best season for spotting eagles. There are many places in the coastal area of Alabama to look for them but Weeks Bay is a perfect location to check out by boat while you are in the area. There is at least one mating pair there consistently.
Southern Alabama is home to many sod farms that tend to draw many different species. Be sure if you would like to visit these areas that you try on Sundays when work isn’t underway. Also, know that locked gates are there for a reason. You may want to try to view any feathered creatures from the road.

Many bird watching enthusiast frequent our area in winter and we love to welcome you all!