Animal Adventure

Step into the wild on the Alabama Gulf Coast! Of course, you probably assumed that there would be some marine wildlife. Did you know you have the chance to experience animals from all over the world? Yep! Right here at the Little Zoo That Could! Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!


The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo has so many opportunities to, not only enjoy seeing some amazing creatures but also get up close with them as well! What kind of encounters may you be interested in? Here are a few of the opportunities that you have when visiting the zoo!

  • Kangaroos: You can jump right into the zoo’s Kangaroo Crossing and interact with these famous animals! You’ll learn about their habits, diets and other tidbits while visiting their enclosure. You can experience this daily while the zoo is open.
  • Lemurs: Who doesn’t want a chance to experience this special creature? You’ll get to step inside the Lemur’s playground for a chance to learn more about Madagascar’s most endangered species.
  • Sloths: Don’t move to fast when entering this encounter… just kidding! Come right on in when you decide to visit these slow-moving animals, some named Speedy and Sonic by the way. You may even get the chance to feed them!
  • Tamanduas: Have you ever been this close to an anteater? Here’s your chance to pet this smaller species. They are very interesting insectivores and you can learn a lot more about them, their habits and everyday lives during your encounter!


There are many other opportunities to become friends with animals while visiting the zoo. But there are a couple of things you’ll want to keep in mind before your visit:

  • Keep in mind that the zoo may need to make changes to their schedules and have to make decisions when it comes to group size so it’s safe and enjoyable for everyone!
  • Don’t forget to bring your camera! The zoo encourages documenting your experience and to tag them using #AGCZooFan.
  • Before your encounter, know that most last between 10-15 minutes and children 10 and under must be accompanied by a paying adult.
  • During peak seasons, you may have to wait a little longer to begin your encounter
  • Leave tobacco products in your vehicle and avoid strong perfume/cologne before coming.
  • One common question the zoo receives is if individuals will be allowed to hold the animals during an encounter. Here’s their response:  While the animals in our animal encounters are docile in nature, they are still wild animals. For our guests’ safety, we do not allow the animals to be held by anyone but our keepers. There are a couple of exceptions: baby kangaroos who are secured in pouches, along with snakes and baby alligators in the reptile garden.


What a fun experience to have during your Brett/Robinson Vacation! Make sure to check out our local Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo during your next visit to the beach!


Information and Detail Credit: Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo website