Snowbirds Head South

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We look forward to our Snowbirds heading south every winter! The fun trips to look forward to, the delicious potlucks to meet to new friends and of course the exciting Mardi Gras parades are just a few of the reasons it’s such a wonderful season! Before our winter guests depart home, we have just a few reminders you may want think about before you head our way. Once all this is taken care of, be sure to keep reading for the fun schedule we have planned for you!
What to do before you head south:

Arrange mail hold or mail forwarding
Make sure to arrange for paying bills online or remotely
Arrange for someone to look after your property at home (i.e. lawn, mail, newspaper or other deliveries)
Vacation hold internet, cable and telephone
Empty refrigerator
Take out all trash
Shut off water – and drain out of house to avoid burst pipes
Set the heat low
Unplug lights and necessary appliances
Leave a few lights on inside your house and set timers (with different settings different days)
Make sure all your windows are locked
Set house alarm – possibly with remote access
Lock outside gates
Get a doctor in both locations you will be living
Move prescriptions south – or use pharmacy that is in both locations
Have vet in both states

Once you arrive to our area, Brett/Robinson Snowbirds have a few extra events to look forward to! Here’s a quick run through of our 2019 schedule! We’ll have potlucks in all Phoenix buildings on January 17th and February 21st. You can catch potlucks at our satellite properties January 22nd and February 26th.

Make sure you mark your calendars for our New Orleans getaways! You can visit the French Quarter along with the New Orleans aquarium January 15th. You can visit the World War II Museum along with a lunch show on February 5th. The final trip to the French Quarter and all the fun of the area is February 18th. These trips do cost a little extra but is well worth it for the friendships made!

Mardi Gras parades in the area will be March 1st, 2nd and wrap up on Fat Tuesday, March 5th! The times of the parades will be announced at a later date.

The last of the Brett/Robinson activities is the End of Season Fish Fry March 6th. We can’t wait to celebrate another year and look forward to welcoming our Northern friends to the area again! We hope to see you soon!