Bike-able Beach Breaks

37854313284_f2ae47a2c1_oThe Alabama Gulf Coast is full of bike-friendly roadways and trails for you to enjoy! Not only can you go from the State of Alabama to the State of Floriday by bike, you can also casually enjoy some of our areas best restaurants and shopping without using your gas powered vehicle!

40109958392_83f554fe41_oThe most extensive trails are all part of the Hugh S. Branyon Back Country Trail. You can even go from Gulf Shores to Orange Beach using these scenic byways. There are more than 15 miles of paths to take throughout the Gulf State Park.

40109960092_35ca0d0a88_oTake the Cotton Bayou branch to venture into Orange Beach and head south when the trail ends. This will meet Highway 182 which follows the coastline. Here you will find grocery stores, coffee shops, clothing stores, and of course restaurants ranging from wings to pizza to barbeque to desserts!

40142823921_b04094f65b_oTake the Gopher Tortoise branch or the West Wetlands trail to end up at the beach or pier. Either choice will give you views of more than 3 miles of uninterrupted coastline belonging to the Gulf State Park. Soon, the Reserve (with it’s 3 exciting new restaurants) will be open for your pleasure! In the meantime, check out the interpretive center near the pavilion of the education pier to learn a little more about the natural environment that the park consists of!

43766174932_8ed45e0567_oTake the Coyote Crossing or West Wetlands Trail north to reach Highway 59 South. From here, you can enjoy the Gulf Coast Zoo, Mini Golf, Duck’s Coastal Kitchen, the Original Oyster House, Crico’s Pizza, Souvenir City, The Hangout and of course all the newly designed and constructed public beach amenities!

26269115718_842506ece7_oThere are trails available outside of the Gulf State Park all along Fort Morgan Road. You can go more than 20 miles along certain points of the roadway to reach the historic fort at the tip of the peninsula. While this path does run parallel to the road, it does offer a hidden place with beautiful trees separating the motorway and bikeway.

You’ll find that many if not most of our major roadways offer bike lanes or sidewalks that are bike friendly! You can even ride alongside Highway 182 from the public beach at the end of Highway 59 in Gulf Shores through the Gulf State Park and Orange Beach, ending in the state of Florida in Perdido Beach! Whatever your bike skill level, you’ll find fun to be had on the Alabama Gulf Coast!