How To Shuck An Oyster

Do you love Oysters and want to have some while on vacation? Well, we’re here to help you! First, when is the best time to have oysters in the area? You may have heard the old saying that you can only eat oysters in months ending in “Y”. Luckily for all the oyster lovers out there, that is a thing of the past thanks to refrigeration! You can enjoy fresh oysters safely throughout the year.

Now, once you’ve found your perfectly fresh catch, what do you do with them? Follow these instructions for the easiest (and safest) way to shuck oysters.

Prep Your AreaPrep your area, preferably outside!

You’ll want a clean area and a bucket (those plastic 5-gallon ones from the hardware store will do) to collect all those discarded shells. You’ll also want a towel (or two) to help you keep a grip without cutting/injuring your hand and one spread out to help keep your area clean.



Get your tools

You’ll want to find your preference of shucking knives. We’ve found that unless you are going to be shucking oysters regularly on a weekly basis, the least expensive tools will suffice.








Get acquainted with your shellfish

Take a look at your oyster and find the side that is flat. This is the top side of the shellfish. You’ll also want to find the hinge (or backside) as this will be important shortly.




Wrap in a towel or glove for protection

You don’t want to slice or injury your hand!




Start with knife in what’s called the hinge of the oyster

It’s not about muscling your knife inside. It’s about finding the best location to be able to start the opening process. Use the knife’s edge to feel around until you find somewhere on the hinge to start wiggling your knife inside.

Barely Inside


Once barely inside, twist and twist some more

Twist Separate





Continue to twist and further separate







Disconnect the muscle from the top shell







Toss the top shell in your bucket and either keep in the bottom shell if going on the grill or sever from the bottomIMG_8679




Either prep for frying or go ahead and enjoy!

Now you just need to enjoy the fruits of your labor! You’ll soon be a pro!