Fun For Foodies

Foodies love vacation and we love our vacationing foodies! Below is a lot of information that can help all foodies visiting the Alabama Gulf Coast!

Become Your Own Master Chef

Our Alabama Gulf Coast has quickly emerged as a culinary hot spot for emerging chefs and seasoned chefs alike. Just steps away from local restaurants is a Gulf teeming with fresh seafood, and just north of our beaches are rich farmlands that provide a wealth of locally-sourced produce that keeps menus fresh and delivers a truly unique dining experience. Come taste the culinary artistry of a James Beard award nominee and slurp down salty-sweet oysters freshly scooped up from Gulf waters all in the same trip. One thing is for certain, the Alabama Gulf Coast is the crossroads of classic southern cuisine and modern culinary talent, and we have plenty of festivals to prove it! Come join us!

Beach Life Favorites!

Fresh salt air, seafood and unique restaurants are some of what make the Brett/Robinson coast a unforgettable experience. Here are a few favorites from locals and tourists alike.

Cheap Eats
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Here’s your options when you’re visiting the Alabama Gulf Coast! Recently, Rouse’s in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach have added delivery and Greer’s in Orange Beach can provide pick up orders!

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Here’s some of our favorite recipes to try on vacation!

Sweet Jalapeno Cornbread Recipe Old Bay Seasoning Recipe Key Lime Pie Recipe