How Locals Enjoy The Beach

Maybe you’ve been to the beach and you either (a) brought a lot of things you didn’t use or need, (b) didn’t bring all the things you needed or (c) went with all adults without having to carry everything one would need to keep a little one content at the beach! Whatever the case, we recently asked Alabama Gulf Coast local mom, Kristen Cross, some of her tips to enjoy the beach to the fullest! Below is a list she shared of things she’s learned from personal experience or other mom’s in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach!

2018 Spring Marketing CampaignRelaxing on the beach: “If you are going to the beach with little ones, just carry folding chairs for adults. It is rare for youngsters to sit while enjoying the sand and surf. When they do take a very brief breather, carry along a sheet to layout under your shade.

2018 Spring Marketing CampaignSpeaking of shade, what is the best option while at the beach? Kristen says, “don’t feel like you need to take those large popup tents. On our beaches, they aren’t allowed past the mean high tide line. We’ve found it better to carry 1-2 umbrellas so we can relax a little closer to where our children will be playing.”

2018 Spring Marketing Campaign

Since you’re staying in a condo, what should you bring downstairs with you? “Whether you are on a couples getaway or family vacation, you don’t want to be at the beach without the essentials! Those essentials include

  • Water/Sports Drink
  • Snacks – fresh fruit is a great choice!
  • Sunscreen – reapply every 2 hours; (keep in your cooler for a refreshing 2nd application); Long sleeve rash guards with SPF is a great option for those littles who hate reapplication.
  • Sand-free Beach Bag – this is just for your sanity after you’ve left the beach.

41211989900_f3c18e3269_oBeach Toys: “This is a non-negotiable. No matter how big of a Beach Babe you bring along, they will profess to be BORED without a constant stream of activities. If you are traveling here and don’t want to pack them, stop by the local dollar store to pick up something inexpensive. Don’t want to pack them up and carry them home? Be on the lookout for Beach Toy Bins in the area. This is the perfect place to find a new item to use on the beach while you are there and pass on the fun to others once you head home.”

2018 Spring Marketing Campaign

Cover-ups: “Just because you bring an umbrella and the kiddos are entertained, doesn’t mean you’ll have the opportunity to sit in the shade the whole day. Be sure to bring a cool and light cover up for everyone in your group. This will help minimize sun exposure when you don’t want it.”

42197541351_20554096ea_oHaving a beach picnic? “I’ve learned from experience: pack SEPARATELY as many individuals sandwiches/fruit snacks as needed. There’s nothing worse than letting that open sandwich bag slip from your fingers. Avoid a complete disaster by packing each separately and that way, there’s another option for the unlucky family member who dropped theirs!”

42120713115_2c9ce01822_oHot Sand? “Water shoes or water socks for toddlers and children can be lifesavers! No complaining from them and protection provided for your peace of mind!”

2018 Spring Marketing Campaign

Got a lot to carry? “So you’ve seen those rolling carts that everyone is buying to haul all their beach gear to the water’s edge with? They don’t always work! One fail-proof options I’ve found is using a large laundry basket instead! (Plus you don’t have to spend any extra cash!) Just tie to a short rope and you (or a strong companion) can pull everything onto the beach!”

42189000025_d643f9466b_o“Most importantly, educate yourself on spotting rip currents and share this information with your family! I’m not the professional to educate anyone else but I definitely want to share this topic with families coming to our area. No one wants your vacation to end anyway but having fun and making memories! Know before you go.”

Kristen shared a lot with us and we hope you found it just as educational! If you haven’t made plans for your next beach vacation, be sure to visit our properties page to find the perfect location for you and your family! We hope to see you soon on the Alabama Gulf Coast!