The Ultimate Beach Bag

We all know there are essential needs everyone should keep in their beach bag for a relaxing day on the sand. But there are definitely items that will make your day oh so much more fun and easy! Keep reading for insight from individuals who call the beach “Home”.

speakerBluetooth Speaker – This is a must have for added entertainment for every music lover! A battery (or solar) powered Bluetooth speaker will keep everyone enjoying this sunny-daze.


WaterBottleReusable Water Bottle – This is perfect for keeping your water cold and readily available.  Once the water is gone? It the perfect place to transport delicate shells or other small items off the beach. Bonus: no additional trash to worry about leaving behind!

BooksFavorite Beach Read – Need some quiet time? Settle in for reading catchup in your favorite beach chair. Don’t know what you should read next? Check out our list of Beach Reads for 2018!

phonecaseWaterproof Phone Case – Worried about your phone and how to protect it from the elements? Be sure to grab a waterproof phone case for your valuable device. Of course, you don’t have to drop a small fortune on this! Search online or once you arrive in town for waterproof sleeves that you can keep in your beach bag and use over and over (for as little as $10).


cashCash – It never hurts to have cash on hand. You never know when you might need it on the sand. Do your kids need another snack and don’t want what you brought with you? Cash on hand for something at the vending machine would be ideal!

ConditionerLeave-In Conditioner (and Brush) – You may not have thought of this before but what mom (or mom with a daughter) doesn’t love those beautiful beach waves you get from swimming in the salt water or from that fresh salt air? Put a travel size bottle of leave in conditioner in your beach bag along with comb or brush. Spray it in after getting out of the water, run a brush through it, then all you have to do is bathe off quickly before dinner that evening!

CornstarchCornstarch – Believe it or not, a little cornstarch sprinkled on after a beach day allows sand to simply be swept away. The cornstarch soaks up any oil allowing the sand to stick to you! Put a little in a plastic shaker bottle in your bag to erase the headache of sand in your vehicle, beach bag, chairs and yourself!

wetbagWet Bag – a wet bag is the perfect addition to your beach bag. It can help separate a wet swimsuit from dry items or your cell phone and credit cards from wet items. A definite must for mom’s beach bag!



Drink Sand SpikesDrink Sand Spike – If you are using cornstarch to get rid of all that sand, then you definitely don’t want it all over your drink! Throw an inexpensive sand spike in your bag to use during the day!


We’ve included all of these items along with those essentials you should include for a day at the beach below! Be sure to utilize this checklist before your next beach day! Don’t have a vacation planned? Be sure to book your next beach escape with Brett/Robinson (link to specials) TODAY!



Beach Bag Checklist