Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain at the Beach

Between Halloween candy, big Thanksgiving meals, Christmas cookies, and other treats, weight gain is a big issue for many of us this time of year, and we all have different ways of dealing with it. I tend to bargain with myself (I’ll allow myself to indulge through the holiday season with the understanding that I work extra hard to get back in shape after the new year). Even my super-fit sister lets loose with the snacks—the last couple of years she’s shown up at Christmas dinner in her pajamas, claiming they’re the only clothes that fit her.

I personally believe that spending any part of the holidays on the Gulf may actually help you avoid much of this weight gain. First, it’s been my experience that simply being at the beach is a motivator to stay in shape—I always want to look my best if I’m going to be in a bathing suit (even though my “best” is still far from perfect).

There are also several ways to help keep yourself fit while vacationing. Hiking, biking, and kayaking are some of my favorite forms of exercise, and the nature attractions in Orange Beach & Gulf Shores, Alabama are very inviting for these activities. (And fall is maybe the best time of year for hiking a nature trail—not too hot and not too cold.)

Spending time at your condominium can help as well. Brett/Robinson’s condos include amenities that promote exercise, including exercise rooms, tennis courts, and pools (indoor pools at several locations are ideal for fall/winter swimming).

And if you take advantage of the Orange Beach & Gulf Shores, Alabama condo’s full kitchen, you can cook some (possibly healthy) meals and avoid eating out as much—save those calories for the good stuff!