Four Reasons You Should Plan a Beach Trip – For Your Health!

Around here, as soon as the temperature rises about 70 degrees we start craving the beach. Why wouldn’t we? There is nothing better than a day spent lounging in the sun, playing in the sand, splashing in the waves, tossing a volleyball, or throwing a frisbee! The beach is the earth’s gift to our soul, but it’s also a gift to our health. Here are four reasons why your doctor is prescribing you “vitamin sea” this summer:

Health BenefitsSoaking in the Gulf is Soothing for Your Skin:
According to the Skin Research and Technology Journal, seawater – like that found in the Gulf of Mexico – is good for your skin. To test this, they compared the results of skin bathed in a sodium laurel sulphate, a sale compound treatment for rashes, and skin bathed in seawater. The result is that the seawater’s healing affect was far better and faster than the sodium laurel sulphate. The researchers also found out that seawater increases the elasticity of the skin, making it smoother and clearer. Who needs Botox anyway?

Salt Air Boosts Immune SystemSalt Air Boosts the Immune System: 
According to a study done at the University of California, the sea air has a lot of free electrons that neutralize free radicals in our body. The negative ions in it can kill bacteria, thus improving the health and immune system of people inhaling it.



Natural ExfoliantSand is a Natural Exfoliant: 
Wet sand acts as a natural exfoliant and peels off dead skin cells from your feet (and really, anywhere else on your body), leaving your skin renewed and much softer. There’s no need to pay for that pedicure!


Vitamin DA Healthy Dose of Vitamin D: 
All it takes is 10 minutes in the sun and you will have your daily dose of vitamin D. Vitamin D is absorbed through your skin, more so than in the foods we consume. Make sure to get your fair share on vacation!