Red Snapper Season is BACK in Alabama!

snapper 1
Attention all anglers: summer just got even sweeter! In case you haven’t heard, Alabama’s red snapper season will return in June! Gov. Kay Ivey released an official statement in April announcing the upcoming fishing season. Every Friday through Sunday from June 1 to Sept. 2, beachgoers will be able to fish for red snapper. And this year’s red snapper season is even better than the last. Recreational anglers can relish a five-day extension of the season in 2018. People are welcome to cast their lines on July 2-5 and Sept 3, befitting Independence and Labor Day celebrations.

One thing to note is that this window is limited to independent fishermen. For charters, the season  begins on June 1 and closes July 21. Nevertheless, there’s still ample time to catch this delectable fish. Whether you’re casting your line into the coast from the iconic Gulf State Park pier or sailing into the Gulf on a fun fishing charter, you’re sure to have a great time fishing for red snapper this summer.

There are a few things that you should know as you gear up for red snapper season in Alabama:

  • Anglers are required to have fishing permits in Alabama.
  • There is a bag limit of two per person with a minimum length of 16 inches.
  • Fishermen must report red snapper harvests through the Alabama Snapper Check Program.

Red snapper is an important contributor to the local economy. The fish is a staple of coastal cooking and an integral part of the fishing industry. For the coastal communities that live on the Gulf, fishing for red snapper is a beloved tradition. So gather your hooks, lines and sinkers because it’s time to go fish!FISH_FACTS-EMAIL