What’s Your Vacation Packing Style?

Packing is a critical part of the prep leading up to any vacation. Even more so than requesting time off or booking your beach condo, packing is when you actualize your impending trip. You choose items while envisioning sunbathing on the coast, fine dining or trekking through a park. Some people put a lot of time and thought into their vacation packing process while others fly through it. Understanding your personal packing style helps smooth out your vacation prepping process. Which of these packing profiles sounds most like you?

Packing Styles

minimalist packingMinimalist
The minimalist packer restricts her selection to the essentials. She brings only what she needs and nothing she doesn’t. She’s the person you see strolling through the airport with a single carry-on while the rest of her friends schlep along encumbered by big bags in both hands and a sizeable backpack, too. Packing minimally is fast and efficient and leaves vacationers with plenty of room in their luggage for mementos, but minimalists may be less prepared for Murphy’s Law than others.

packing styleMaximalist
If the minimalist runs the risk of bringing too little, the maximalist packer can’t relate. Less is more doesn’t cut it for the maximalist. More is more for this guy. This packer profile has a separate bag entirely for shoes and others for gadgets, accessories and colognes. The maximalist takes forever to pack, and a full-blown shopping spree and fashion show is likely to precede any vacation packing. The bellman cart is a familiar friend. One good thing about the maximalist packer is should any member of his crew need anything during the trip, he’s got them covered.

messy packing styleMessy
The messy packer is a free spirit. She’s not concerned about neatly-folded stacks and organizing pouches. She quickly grabs whatever works, piles it in her luggage and is ready to go. A good thing about the messy packer is she doesn’t take too long to pack. But once the vacation starts, she may take a while to get ready because she’s got to sift through an amorphous assortment to find what she’s looking for.

Packing ChecklistMeticulous
The meticulous packer thoroughly enjoys the vacation packing process, and he’s exacted it to a science. He has checklists. Like the minimalist, he brings what he needs, but he’s also sure to bring a few carefully-selected extras in case of mishaps. He’s got the KonMari folding-method down pat, and his luggage is the picture of precision. The meticulous packer will allot time well in advance of departure to get everything just so, and he’s likely to offer unsolicited packing tips to the rest of his travel party.


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