Get in your Vacation Workouts

You indulged in the merriment of the holiday season –  rife with decadent dinners, high-calorie libations and bountiful sweets. And after toasting the New Year, you started a strict gym regimen to ensure you’d be beach-ready by summer. A lot of people make exercise-related resolutions, which they typically abandon by February. But you, you remained steadfast, and your hard work paid off. You’re now just weeks away from your much-anticipated vacation to the Alabama Gulf Coast. You’ve booked a beautiful Brett/Robinson beach condo, and you’re ready to show off your physique on the sugar-white sand beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. You plan to enjoy yourself, but don’t want to lose all your gains after a few days spent lazing on the beach. You won’t have to if you incorporate a simple vacation workout regimen.

Vacation workouts

You’ve probably got an itinerary planned for each day of your trip, so you don’t have a lot of time to devote to an intensive workout. You need a vacation workout that’s impactful without consuming much time and requiring extra gear. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. Stay true to your exercise regimen with these convenient and effective vacation workouts.

Beach Vacation Workout RoutineThe Five-Minute Fix
The meteoric rise of high-intensity interval training has shown us that you don’t need to put in hours at the gym to get results. A quick, but challenging routine can do the trick. This engaging circuit requires no equipment whatsoever and can be performed in your spacious Brett/Robinson rental. To make the most of the routine, spend 30 seconds on each exercise and strive for minimal rest between exercises.

Bedside Burn WorkoutThe Bedside Burn
Of course, there’s one well-known way to burn calories in bed. Here’s another. Jump start your day with this fat-burning bed routine. You can complete this workout in just 8 minutes, and you’ll still engage all of the major muscle groups.


Sandy Circuit Workout RoutineThe Sandy Circuit
Running and exercising on sand helps to build resistance in the muscles, and picturesque gulf views elevate any workout session. If there’s a lull in your schedule, take your family or friends to the beach for a healthy competition. Consisting of frog jumps, bear crawls and sand sprints, this vacation workout lends itself to a fun relay race.

Ways to Exercise on your VacationOnsite Opportunities
Vacation workouts can come in many forms, and you may not want to set aside time for a traditional exercise routine during your getaway. Fortunately, several Brett/Robinson rental amenities provide organic opportunities for physical activity. Get active by swimming laps in the pool or playing a fun game of tennis. Phoenix East II even boasts a sauna where you can burn calories with virtually no exertion. So, there’s no excuse not to keep your beach body intact during your vacation.