Make Time for Some Gulf Coast Trivia

I’m notorious for finding ways to distract myself (just for a few minutes) from work. I check my non-work email at least once every hour; I make trips to the vending machine a couple times a day; and a little while ago I found the trivia quiz on

I feel like I know a lot about Gulf Shores & Orange Beach, having vacationed there for years now, but according to my quiz results (88%), I don’t know everything. Apparently I need to brush up on my history—specifically, which countries controlled Fort Gaines (and in what order) before the U.S. I also wasn’t aware of where in the area “the Catman” is said to lurk. (And I’m not revealing either answer here…you’ll have to take the quiz to find out, if you don’t already know.)

Next time you’re stressed, go take the quiz. Get yourself thinking about the largest Ferris wheel in Alabama, the longest fishing pier on the Gulf, and Brett/Robinson condominiums. If you can’t actually be in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach, getting lost in thought about it is the next best thing.

As for myself, the next time I’m in the area I plan to check out some nature trails in search of this “Catman.”